Thursday, December 09, 2021
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Welcome to Pandamic Group

Pandamic Group was established in the year 1992. Since we are guided by the principle that enduring success is not only measured in financial terms, but also the commitment that we have for the nation and its people. We recognize that how we conduct our business and how we participate in the community in which we operate are equally important to all that we accomplish financially. The group consisting of the following industries Pandamic Agro Fisheries, Uzirpur Fish Park, Ornita Agro Industries, Pandamic Packaging Industries, Pandamic Feed Ltd, Pandamic Trade International, Voluntary Organaization for Social Development (VOSD), Dr. Tamanna Mostafizur Foundation. These industries is engaged in Agriculture Programs, Production of Vegetable, Fish & Poultry Culture, Process & Marketing and Poultry, Dairy & Fish feed production, marketing  We have a strong commitment to provide the best services to meet your satisfaction and requirements being always on hand to help you.